This is useful if they need to get their money back before the loan’s maturity.Detailed ratingsCrowdestor’s pros & consLoans characteristicsOverview of Crowdestor’s loansCrowdestor allow investors to lend money to businesses. There hasn’t been any repayment delay or defaulted loan.Due diligence on one of Crowdestor’s recent projectsAfter Kuetzal and Envestio proved to be scams, investors – including me – started to be much more cautious about the platforms. As the conditions vary from one platform to another, it’s very important to check this point. Please note that this review may contain affiliate links. Moreover, apart from the FAQ, there’s very little documentation available.It’s possible to get in touch with Crowdestor by phone or e-mail.At some point, I sent an e-mail to the support as my account’s balance was incorrect. They quickly replied that this incident was being investigated; when I logged in the following day, my balance was back to normal. Laenud Tartus sularahas. The guarantee may cover only part of the capital, or in a much more interesting case, both the capital and accrued interests. I’ll of course update this review as soon as it is available.Until then, I would recommend you to connect to Crowdestor‘s website as soon as new projects open in order to be able to invest in them.

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. Crowdestor. It’s now easy to evaluate the diversification of your portfolio, see the incoming payments for next month, or marvel at the growing profits chart.DocumentationCrowdestor‘s documentation could be improved. Crowdestor.

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. This allows you to reinvest interests faster !Another interesting aspect is that interests are computed from the day you start investing, instead of the day when the project is completely funded. Please understand that I have experienced all of these companies, and I recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the commissions I make if you decide to invest through my links. Crowdestor’s overviewCrowdestor offers real-estate and business loans.

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Indeed, while the FAQ A FAQ is simply a compilation of Frequently Asked Questions is rather complete, breaking it down into sections would make it much more readable. Crowdestor. They confirmed that they actually received the funds for the first tier – funding for a second tier is currently taking place -.Platform’s featuresSecondary marketUnlike CrowdEstate, Crowdestor doesn’t provide a secondary market. Administrative operations such as creating your account, funding it and investing in projects are easy to carry.Available languages & translations qualityCrowdestor‘s website is available in English as well as in German and Spanish.

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. The advantage of business and real-estate crowdfunding platforms is that the number of projects is rather low and there are not many options available.As a result, these websites are usually very easy to use.. A partial buyback guarantee A buyback guarantee is a guarantee provided by the platform or a loan originator. However, I regret that they didn’t get in touch to notify me that the problem got fixed.Communication from the platform​Most e-mails from Crowdestor will be announcements of new projects. It will be used to reimburse the investors in case the borrower defaults. It means that I will earn a commission if you decide to invest after clicking through the link – at no additional cost to you, of course -